Michelin Stars

"We always serve an extensive menu with a focus on products from the surrounding area, from the land and from the sea.  We also like to work with game during the season. In addition to our regular menu, we always offer a number of extra dishes with special products that we like to work with at that moment. In addition to the food, the structure of the menu and the number of dishes will also vary per season.

Wine is an important part of our beverage range. We always look for a good balance between natural and classically made wines. In addition to wine, we like to work with sake, beer, non-alcoholic drinks and spirits. Our non-alcoholic drinks are made in house and are often based on kombuchas, teas, fruits and herbs. You can choose from our extensive drinks menu.  For those who prefer, we always offer an accompanying arrangement with the menu, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

We only work with local farmers, producers and suppliers. The focus is on the best quality obtained as locally as possible with a minimal impact on the environment. Together with our regular suppliers, we are always looking for new products to surprise you with."

MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View

Nestled in the NewWerktheater, the friendly, bustling Coulisse sports a natural Scandinavian style. The tasty food is simply prepared using recipes in tune with the zeitgeist. The chef avows a weakness for fruit and vegetables and enjoys throwing in the odd international twist, all of which with a strong focus on local produce. A yummy surprise awaits you backstage!