101 Gowrie

Michelin Stars

HIGH END IZAKAYA Gaijin – (in Japan) a foreigner. Often a term of derision or contempt. Gaijin cuisine – a celebration of cultural diversity through Japanese traditions, techniques and love for the ingredient with a respectful disregard for the rules of regular convention.

101 Gowrie is run by Alex Haupt (Young chef of the year 2021 Michelin guide). Alex uses his multi-cultural upbringing to project an experience specific to representing himself, his tastes, beliefs and interests.

The inspectors of the MICHELIN Guide

Dutch cuisine seen through the eyes of an Australian chef with Japanese and German roots is a certain recipe for success. In this restaurant with the feel of a private living room, Alex Haupt gives full range to his creativity, using Dutch products and traditional recipes to create exciting spicy, sweet and sour dishes. Make sure you try his natural wines!

101 Gowrie