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The Bird Tsang ceramic design studio aims to create unique and custom-made designs that compliment and heighten a dining experience with distinct and long-lasting ceramic tableware. With our professional cooking background, we offer a deeper understanding and alternative process in the industry by aiding chefs in presenting their creations in unique tableware which emphasizes and enriches a dish to its fullest.
The Bird Tsang values, above all, authenticity and dedication to craftsmanship.


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All of our restaurant tableware is made to order,
so please contact us for more info. We look forward to hearing from you!
The Bird Tsang


Euro Pizza Restaurant, Amsterdam / Restaurant Coulisse, Amsterdam /
Otto Volante Restaurant, Amsterdam / Bistro Flores, Nijmegen / 4850, Amsterdam / Ramen Kingdom, Amsterdam / Public Space, Amsterdam /
Entrepot, Amsterdam / Lot61, Amsterdam / Levain et Le Vin, Amsterdam /
Restaurant Tres, Rotterdam 

De Leest***, Vaasen / Choux, Amsterdam / BAK, Amsterdam / 101 Gowrie, Amsterdam / Vuurtoreneiland, Amsterdam / Europa Restaurant, Zaandam / Kaagman & Kortekaas, Amsterdam / Relae*, Copenhagen /
Bambino Bar, Amsterdam / Viet View, Amsterdam / The Green Rose, Arnhem /
Restaurant Ja, Amsterdam

Vuurtoreneiland, Amsterdam / Restaurant de Jong, Rotterdam / Sinne*, Amsterdam / Yerba, Amsterdam / Coba, Amsterdam / 101 Gowrie, Amsterdam / The Green Rose, Arnhem / 212*, Amsterdam / Choux, Amsterdam 

John Dory, Amsterdam / Partisan, Amsterdam / MOS*, Amsterdam / Wilde Zwijnen, Amsterdam / Bistro Zebra, Amsterdam / Vuurtoreneiland, Amsterdam